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Alpha Chi Sigma is known by the company it keeps - many of the most successful chemists and chemical engineers are proud to be members of our order.  A few highlights:

  • Nine members of Alpha Chi Sigma are Noble Laureates in Chemistry and four are Noble Laureates in Physiology and Medicine.
  • Twenty-four of the seventy-one recipients of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Pure Chemistry Award recipients are members of Alpha Chi Sigma.  That’s 34%!
  • Thirty-nine of the sixty-five Priestly Medal recipients are Members of Alpha Chi Sigma.  That’s 60%!!  The 1997 recipient, Mary Good (BΦ ’76), is a member of our chapter.
  • Twenty-two Alpha Chi Sigma members have held the office of President in the American Chemical Society, including Mary Good (BF ’76) in 1987.
  • Six Alpha Chi Sigma members have received the ACS Chemical Engineering Research Award.
  • Twenty-one of the eighty-nine Gibbs Medal recipients are Alpha Chi Sigma members.  That’s almost one fourth!
  • Finally, seven Alpha Chi Sigma members are also members of the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

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